Levels Of German Language

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A1 Beginners
The level of language proficiency which helps students to build basic grammar skills and increases students’ vocabulary.
A2 Elementary
The level in which students learn to express themselves easily in everyday situations and gain some knowledge of the language to read.
B1 Intermediate
The level in which students consolidate the basic grammar structure and understand the main points and compete in discussions related to topics.
B2 Upper Intermediate
The level in which students gain command that helps them understand complex texts while practising reading, writing and discussing.
C1 Advanced
The level in which students grasp the implicit meaning that helps them understand texts and also to express themselves more accurately both in speaking as well as writing.
C2 Highly Competent
The level in which students become fluent by working on literary, cultural, scientific and sociopolitical topics and express themselves fluently and almost effortlessly.