German Language Classes in
Urmar Tanda, Hoshiarpur

At SMK FUTURES LANGUAGE, our teachers are competent and highly qualified. Our renowned German language schools provide one-to-one learning, which is ideal for children or adults who want to brush up their German language skills and/or improve their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. We provide a fun environment for students where they can socialise with their fellow classmates as well as other people from all over the world who share their interests; we have students from all age groups, from 13 years old to adult learners who are learning German in Urmar Tanda.

We offer one-to-one private tuition as well as group classes for kids and adults. SMK are passionate about providing quality education programs in the areas we provide services such as German language training, adult learning, private tutoring and exams preparation. SMK Futures Language Classes are engaged in providing German language classes in Urmar Tanda, Hoshiarpur.

The SMK Futures Language Classes is an English Medium School offering quality education through wide range of modern facilities. The staff of the school is dedicated towards ensuring that all students achieve success in their academic and extra-curricular activities in order to develop them as responsible citizens and professionals.

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What We Offer


SMK FUTURES provides German Language Classes to students in all SMK Schools. In addition, we provide an array of German language courses for non-SMK students who are interested in improving or acquiring a high level of proficiency in the German Language. Our teachers are proficient both in teaching and learning foreign languages. We provide German language training A1 to B1 level.

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If you want to learn French, SMK FUTURES LANGUAGE provides FRENCH LANGUAGE CLASSES that can be taken part-time or full-time. We believe in quality education and offer small group classes once a week. Our teachers are experienced and have extensive teaching experience, ensuring that you have the best time of your life while learning French!

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SMK FUTURES LANGUAGE provides ITALIAN LANGUAGE CLASSES for students who are interested in learning the Italian language, improve their conversational skills and make new friends from Italy. The lessons are designed to be effective, interactive and fun! Our professional educators will teach you how to speak confidently in everyday situations, whether you're planning a trip to Italy.

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SMK FUTURES LANGUAGE provides DUTCH LANGUAGE CLASSES for children, youth and adults with more than 40 years of experience in teaching Dutch as a foreign language. SMK Futures Language offers original and well-structured lessons specially designed for our students. We believe that each individual is unique, so we offer unique programs that support their personal needs.

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Levels Of German Language

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A1 Beginners
The level of language proficiency which helps students to build basic grammar skills and increases students’ vocabulary.
A2 Elementary
The level in which students learn to express themselves easily in everyday situations and gain some knowledge of the language to read.
B1 Intermediate
The level in which students consolidate the basic grammar structure and understand the main points and compete in discussions related to topics.
B2 Upper Intermediate
The level in which students gain command that helps them understand complex texts while practising reading, writing and discussing.
C1 Advanced
The level in which students grasp the implicit meaning that helps them understand texts and also to express themselves more accurately both in speaking as well as writing.
C2 Highly Competent
The level in which students become fluent by working on literary, cultural, scientific and sociopolitical topics and express themselves fluently and almost effortlessly.




    Advantages Of Learning German

    Learning German can provide you with a number of benefits including more job opportunities, better career prospects, and improved cultural understanding. German can be a difficult language to learn but it has many advantages that make it worth investing your time and effort into. Learning German is a wonderful way of adding to your cultural repertoire. With so many well-known people speaking the language and a wide variety of German-speaking countries, you are exposing yourself to many different cultures and different lifestyles.


    What Students Says

    “I am learning French from SMK futures language classes. The trainers here are really interactive and learning here is a lot of fun. The infrastructure of the classes is also quite developed and comfortable..”

    Maim Gupta

    the best coaching centre to learn german . In only one month I can now speak German clearly without any mistake. thank you so much narendra sir. the environment is also friendly and the group discussions at the end made my confident.

    Bunny Singh

    Best place to learn foreign language, teacher‘s are super friendly, supportive and highly experienced. Infrastructure of institute is well maintained and teacher’s specially focus on cleanliness of class. I am taking coaching of german language from last 2 months and my feelings are profound for this place, it’s feel like home.

    Karandeep Singh

    It is the best foreign language institute. I appreciate the hard work of teachers. With the practice material and weekly tests , I got A* grades and 2 certificates and I genuinely started speaking German with confidence. I will refer it to everyone who wants to learn and speak foreign language ,even in a limited time period.

    krazy Cutie

    Faculty of teachers is really good here. Helpful and keen on helping us learn the language. Well maintained infrastructure and a well designed curriculum. I recommend this institute to anyone looking to learn German language. Simpler learning methods and rigorous curriculum is what you get here. So go for it if you are truly keen on learning German language.

    Komal Sharma

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Who can join SMK for learning German?
    The SMK language school is open to everyone. The SMK Language School offers German courses for all levels: from complete beginners to advanced learners.
    2My English is not good. Is it possible to learn German?
    The answer is yes, you can learn German. There are many resources available online to help you learn German.
    3Do you provide German language training A1 to B1 level?
    Yes, we offer German language training A1 to B1 level. We provide German language training A1 to B1 level and have a team of professional German language trainers who are native speakers.
    4If I have done A1 from another institute. I want to learn german further, can I join your institute for A2?
    Yes, you can.

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