B2 Upper Intermediate

B2 Upper Intermediate

B2 UPPER INTERMEDIATE is one of the most widely used German courses. It takes the learner from basic to intermediate skills, covering conversational and written language. This upper intermediate course is ideal for adults who want to deepen their understanding of grammar and vocabulary, as well as start building their German vocabulary in an oral environment.

The language has a fairly large vocabulary and grammar compared to other levels of the competency scale. Students are expected to be able to use short, simple sentences, use gender-specific nouns and verbs in context, understand modal verbs such as “could”, “must” and “may” and make comparisons between two languages or groups of words based on gender, number or word order. B2 Upper Intermediate learners should be able to speak German fluently and understand it when spoken by native speakers. The upper intermediate level is the first level of fluency after complete beginner-intermediate (A1).

1What is B2 German language level?
B2 German language level is a very high proficiency level. It is the level of proficiency that makes someone able to communicate in Germany without any difficulty. If you are studying for an exam, it may help if you know what B2 German language level is and what your chances are of getting an “A” grade for your exam if you had studied for this level.
2How difficult is German B2?
German B2 is one of the most common languages spoken in Europe. It's also widely used across many other countries, such as Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Japan. It is also heard on Wall Street and at major universities worldwide. You might have heard it spoken while traveling through Germany or other European cities (even if you're not German or have no intention of learning it). So, it’s not much difficult and you can easily learn with us.
3Can I learn German B2 in 5 months?
Well, the answer is yes you can. You see it doesn't matter what language you are learning or where you are in your learning process. You just have to start from the very beginning. There will be moments when you feel discouraged and/or frustrated, but we assure you that this is completely normal.