A2 Elementary

A2 Elementary

The A2 ELEMENTARY course is for those who have completed an elementary education. It's designed to help you get a basic understanding of the German language and culture, helping you build on that solid foundation set in your A1 level. You will learn common phrases, sentences and vocabulary that you'll use every day in everyday situations.

This course involves a lot of reading, writing and listening. You spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen where you will find several grammar exercises to do. As a Level A2 beginner, you'll find that the reading and listening sections of the language ticket provide a great foundation for learning to speak and understand like a native.

1What do you need to know for A2 German?
Like C1 German, A2 German is about building on what you already know. You're not expected to know the grammar rules this time. Instead, you'll learn key concepts for daily conversation and some finer points about German culture. This is the perfect class for people who want to get a grasp of the basics and make progress quickly.
2What are the topics covered by German A2 level?
The topics covered by German A2 are not too different from the ones covered in A1. They vary slightly depending on whether you are taking the course at a school or college, but for the most part you will still be learning about things such as languages, travel and culture, German history and geography. German A2 level is a course that provides students with the skills they need to study and interact in German. You will learn German grammar, reading, listening and writing, as well as cultural topics.
3Is A2 German Difficult?
When you are considering taking up an A2 German course, you may be faced with the fear that it will be difficult. You may have heard from others who speak a different language that learning German is difficult. The first thing to remember is that no language is ever as easy as its written form. There are more differences in pronunciation than any other language on Earth, which makes learning new words slightly challenging. This is especially true if you have never learned a foreign language before (but don't worry - we'll take care of those worries!).