A1 Beginners Level

A1 Beginners Level

The A1 Beginner's level is designed to give you a basic knowledge of the German language. The A1 level of German is for learners who are looking for a high-beginner's course. This will prepare you for everyday life in Germany, and ready you to learn more deeply as your interest develops. This course focuses on speaking and listening comprehension, basic grammar for writing, reading, and understanding everyday conversations.

The A1 level is the first level of the German language and it's also known as the "Stufe 0", which means level zero. It covers such topics as greetings, asking questions, using nouns and verbs etc. The A1 level of German is not just a second language course. This is an entry point into learning German, which will help you expand your vocabulary and learn expressions common in everyday conversation.

1What do I need to know for A1 in German?
When you start learning German, you'll probably be at an A1 level. This is the very first beginner level and is best for communicating basic information and getting your ear to German pronunciation. So, you don’t need to know anything. Its best for beginners.
2What does A1 German level include?
A1 German is for absolute beginners who have just started learning German. The first part of the course teaches you the alphabet and basic grammar. The basic vocabulary has been carefully chosen so that you can easily get used to how to pronounce and understand the words mentioned so far.
3How long does German A1 test take?
As a beginner and first-time learner ahead of the A1 exam, you will want to know the answer to this question. If you've never taken any language test before or have only passed a grammar test, then you might be unaware that you're about to embark on an investment! It's imperative for you to learn as much about this exam before your first trial starts so that you don't have to wait too long once you begin.